Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Etiquette Question

Whether or not your use the drive through ATM, you're probably familiar with the setup. There are two types of dive through ATM users.

The first, and clearly more conscientious, has a ready supply of bank deposit envelopes in their vehicle, and prepares their deposits prior to entering the drive through.

The second and less conscientious does not keep a supply of deposit envelopes in their vehicle, and does not prepare their bank deposits until after they have reached the ATM, thereby forcing anyone in line behind them to wait the extra minutes while they process their transaction.

The situation:

My wife, a member of the conscientious drive through ATM user group is completing her bank transaction. Her ready supply of deposit envelopes has been depleted. She instructs my son to help himself to the envelopes in the dispenser next to the ATM. There is only one envelope left in the dispenser. My son retrieves it. The man in the vehicle behind her, apparently a member of the less conscientious group of drive through ATM users objects. He is apparently without deposit envelopes and needed that last remaining envelope to process his bank transaction.

Question: Should the more conscientious drive through ATM user leave the last envelope, or use it to replenish their ready supply? *

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Anonymous said...

The supply of envelopes is there to be used on a first come, first served basis. Your wife needed the envelope, so none are left for the next guy. The next customer would have to walk into the bank (if open) and get more envelopes. Or just drive through and try to find another ATM with envelopes.