Friday, August 25, 2006

Help Me.

So The Explainer on how to start a political party has me thinking.
I've wanted to start a political party for several years now. Working name: "The Moderates." Motto: "Moderation at all cost." It seems to me that there is a lot of lip service, but only lip service, paid to those of us who comprise the majority in America. We are fiscally conservative, we like a balanced budget, but we believe that pragmatism and basic morality require us to spend money on some very effective social programs and a very strong defense. We abhor terrorists and terrorism and are willing to investigate, root out, and penalize those responsible for terrorist acts, but we'd rather not throw away the Constitution in the process. We abhor totalitarian regimes, but we'd rather not invade them unless it's critical to our national security. For the most part, we prefer that government stay the hell out of our private lives: we'd like to procreate, or not, with the people of our choice so long as those involved have achieved the age of majority and have consented to the relationship. We'd like our kids to grow up reasonably well-educated and decent, and though we understand global economies in general we harbor some doubts about outsourcing basic jobs (and governmental functions) to other countries. We like puppies, but we recognize they are not our children. We like soccer for our kids, but we watch football and secretly admire the people who paint their faces green and shout at the cameras. We like to drink and we eat too much fried food and we smoke sometimes, but we're glad you tell us not to. We are reluctant to believe our President is a fatuous moron or a sexual predator. But we wish the country would make both more accountable. We are America. Who's in?

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