Thursday, September 21, 2006

An 06 loss not zero sum for “Conservatives"

In Jacob Weisberg’s latest piece, May the Best Man Lose, he provides a link to an interesting read, Christopher Buckley’s Let’s quit while we’re behind. Although Buckley left me a bit confused as to why he waited until after he voted for Bush in 2004 to adopt the logic of his article, he also reminded me of Richard A. Viguerie, another conservative who has been advertising the upside of losing.

I personally find this a hopeful sign. Finally, it seems to me, the backbone of the Republican Party, and not the base (Christian Zionists and good old boys), are going to let logic guide their vote. Or more precisely, the third option when it comes to voting, not for or against, but not counted. I suspect real conservatives are few in number, but Republican margins of victory are also often very slim. So Republicans running for office really have no choice but to try and win, and they really have no choice but to pander to their base (because the base is spoiled and uncompromising), but the backbone of the Republican Party, those conservatives who have been willing to give a little in order to achieve victory, may very well let go of the short end of the stick this November.


Elbo Ruum said...

Either of these must happen for the future of the Republican party to be a happy one:

1) Democrats win, fuck up huge.
2) Democrats win, don't fuck up, so that true Republicans have a case for taking control of the asylum back from the inmates.

If things keep going the way they're going, the efforts of Goldwater Republicanism will die with the rest of the Republican party by 2012, 2016 at the latest.

glensho said...

Elbo Ruum, the republican is already a dying concept, just as the democratic party. I'd encourage citizens to seek a third or fourth party and/or revision, but it is too late for that.

We have entered a new era. Better get ready.

switters said...

Yo, Ender.

Meant to tell you that your posting lately has been, well, excellent at Slate. This post is no exception.

I will "command c" what I want to link. Then, in Word, I will type what I'm saying, then after the word I want to be the source of the link, I'll go ahead and type the link closeout bracket thing with the forward slash and "a" (I had to write that out here because it won't publish my post without the closing tag, btw).Then I'll go back and type "a href=" thingie, then I'll back space twice and hit "command v". Then I'll make sure there are no unwanted spaces and such. What the fuck. (Thanks for fixing the link.)

Frayge6TOS-WagTheSlate. I don't recall a particularly compelling thread, other than goofballs either completely misunderstanding your point/intention, or people not realizling that it doesn't take that much more time than posting on Slate does. It must be maddening for you.

Still, it's a great idea, so look for one on WTS in the near future.

p.s. I really appreciate you trying to get to the bottom of this because I really want to post the Frayge6's here as well. Could be good for us.

Thanks again and keep me "posted". (Hahahahaha.)

switters said...

P.S. I may have misunderstood you.

I have every intention of posting the Frayge6 posts on WagTheSlate as soon as I can get my stupid links to work. At first blush I thought you were asking why I haven’t done a Frayge6 on WtS as a topic. This strikes me as an excellent idea, as I said up there, sort of, and will probably use your (lame) nobody-likes-me-so-I’m-quitting-WtS post. (Yes, I know that’s what you said and I know what you were trying to do. It’s just that people over there insist on being both petty and obtuse.)

Thus, I’ll throw one together based on that thread, unless you come up with a zinger that generates (even) better dialogue. Still, now that I recall, Fritz, Duc, et al did have some good responses. It could work.

Thanks again.

Let me know if my linking process description was clear enough. It’s hard to explain, but not really.

Cheers, and well done.

Ender said...

To clarify, yes, I didn’t mean a Frayge6 “about” WtS, I meant why aren’t you reposting your Frayge6’s on WtS? I get why now.

As for your process, nothing’s jumping out at me. Perhaps you should try mixing it up next time. My process, I keep MM handy, and just paste it in where needed.

The “smart quote” vs. “straight quote” issue is also worth looking into. You could try: 1) Open your last Frayge6 (it’s a word document right?); 2) at the top of the document type a quote ("). 3) Without hitting another key, click “undo”. This should change your “smart quote” vs. “straight quote”. Now you have a straight quote. 4) Copy your straight quote. 5) Open “Find” (Ctrl F). 6) In the Find dialogue box, click on the Replace tab. 7) Paste your straight quote in the “Replace with:” field. 8) Now copy one of your “smart quotes” and past it in the “Find what:” field. 9) Lastly, click on Replace All. This should replace half of your smart quotes with straight quotes. Now repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other half of your smart quotes. Try posting that and see if the links work.

Or, I assume your last Frayge6 is saved as a Word document. Email it to me. I’ll experiment with it to see if I can pinpoint the problem.

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