Friday, September 22, 2006

Why I like Zack Braff

Apparently a twentysomething, Josh Levin, hates the guy. Because, because? He’s apparently the voice of the twentysomething generation, and Josh is loathed to think he’s anything like Zack. Why, why? Well, that’s a long diatribe, but it basically boils down to Zack the Voice being a shallow narcissist. This, according to Josh. Personally, I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Scrubs, and although I was entertained by Garden State, I wasn’t memorably so. So why do I like Zack and not hate him? Well, until I’d read Josh’s article, it hadn’t occurred to me to wonder who was representing all the twentysomething’s out there. Seriously! It simply hadn’t crossed my mind, and I suspect never would have had I not read Josh’s article. But now that it has, I like Zack as the exemplar of all people who are still in their twenties (read: younger than me). And I’ll go even further. I hereby support all the mean things Josh said about Zack, and by extension, all twentysomething’s, because Zack is their shallow and narcissistic premier specimen.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better. Thanks Josh. From now on, when I see a twentysomething, I’ll think to myself, They’re as shallow and narcissistic as Zack Braff. I know, because Josh was so worried (narcissistic) about being painted with the Zack Braff brush, he wrote a long diatribe about how Zack Braff sucks, as if telling us he (John) knows Zack sucks makes him (John) suck any less.


JohnMcG said...

The thing that was a bit grating to me about Garden State, and forgive me if I've already psoted this somewhere, is that the lesson seems to be that these guys who seem to be soulless slackers have a great guy inside them -- it hust takes a woman who looks like Natalie Portman falling in love with them to come out.

Unfortunately, there's a hell of a lot more slackers than there are women who look like Natalie Portman who have an interest in teasing out the great men inside them.

august said...

I'd say there's at least even odds I'd prefer the slacker to the great man. Or woman.