Thursday, October 26, 2006

Timothy Noah Fakes Understanding

In this little piece, I am left with a great deal of concern for Tim. Mirroring the subject of his article, should we not be fooled by an obvious and deliberate show of stupidity from Tim himself?

The possibilities:

A) He doesn't get it.
B) He wants us to think he doesn't get it.
C) He wants some people to think he doesn't get it, allowing the cognoscenti to chuckle knowingly...

As John McLoughlin says, "The answer is A!" Tim, Tim, Tim. What the hell is this?

Take it from me. Rush Limbaugh wants you to think he's a dumbass, a pea-brain, an absolute yutz. It's a con job. Don't fall for it.

Exactly how is this true? He doesn't want us to think he's a dumbass, Tim.

Rush is just simply an asshole, specializing in over-the-top crucifixion of any given person or group of people that it would please his dumbass dittoheads to crucify, ostensibly for the purposes of book sales and ratings. It doesn't matter whether he believes any of the tripe he spews or not, because he's an asshole just the same.

Let's say he believes in the shit he shovels... that would make him an asshole for believing in this shit... a truly horrid human deserving of derision and public ridicule. Let's then, say, he doesn't believe in the shit he shovels... that would make him an asshole for using his position to poop yet another shitburger into the septic tank of American politics for his own profit... as if American politics really needs the help overflowing the bowl and making the bathroom floor go code brown.

I know in the world of perception meets reality, that you've always got to be sure that what you're seeing is what's really there, and it is just way too easy to think that everything valuable is hidden behind a curtain.

But if, in the future, you find yourself confused, here's the acid test.

If shit comes out of it, it's either an asshole or a sewer pipe, and if you can't tell the difference from there... well, I can't fucking help you.

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