Monday, November 06, 2006


I just drove through Connecticut. It's a state I dislike. Like Delaware, I'm only ever there trying to get someplace else. Plus, while at no point in 1-95's long concourse is it a pleasant drive. Kudos for folliage, and I've spent some pleasant hours in Mystic, but beyond that, I could live without Connecticut.

But really this is a political post. To answer John's question: where I live is a Dem machine, so I don't even think the congressional race is contested. Hillary Clinton gets my Senate vote -- New York republicans are on the verge of a collapse similar to that of the Tories under John Major. Their one hope is that they will win the state comptroller job because of a democratic scandal.

I'd been quite insulated from campaigning, until I drove through Connecticut. There, on the overpasses, stood earnest, hairy young activists with big Lamont signs, urging us to honk if we love their candidate.

Nobody was honking.

Despite some reacent poll blips, I think the Dems are going to take the House. If they don't, the Dems are well on their way to becoming the new Whigs, and the only hope for multiparty democracy will be a split in the Republican party. Senate will be Republican, and for Supreme Court purposes you, John, will have little to worry about even if it goes Democratic because I suspect the Senate will be much more pro-life than ever before.

Which brings up the question: will different electoral outcomes actually lead to different outcomes? I don't think Bush can do anything to get impeached. I don't think there's a good war strategy out there, as rob_said, it's a clusterfuck. The budget problems continue. Kaus wants to make immigration the issue, but I think all sides have been so chastened that they are not likely to move very quickly.

The one area that I think could make a difference: statehouses. And the ensuing gerrymandering.

It's all so depressing.


Anonymous said...

that's just cruel, comparing CT to delaware.

95 sucks. why on earth are you driving on that road? headed to RI? or the cape? cause if you're headed farther north, there is no reason to drive 95. avoid it. like the plague.

topazz said...

It IS very depressing. When was politics last exciting? When was the last election held, that you really anticipated?

For me, it was the last two presidential elections. I had such high hops back then. High hopes too. Which were quickly and effectively crushed both times, and brought out the medicinal vodka by mid- morning.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Northwestern CT is really nice (lovely forested hills) as is Eastern CT (nice small farm country where casinos aren't eating it up). But sure, no sane person would enjoy driving through Bridgeport.

Actual predictions? I'm cynical enough to distrust the voting apparatus, to be honest. In a fair fight, I think contested seats will favor dems. If that happens, the congress will fight for social spending (costly "fixes" to the medicare drug plan, I imagine--seniors vote after all) and bluster a lot on the war. On the plus side, there may actually be a pullout, since any "cutting and running" can be blamed on a dem congress.

I'm considering voting against my Senator (Kennedy) and for teh Republican that wants to invest in alternate energy (which is probably all Cape Wind code, but I'm cool with it anyway). My rep votes with more integrity than many of them, but ain't exactly a leader. His rival is too noxious to go anti-incumbent across the board.


august said...

twif -- RI I owe you some other responses here and there, but it's a hectic week.

topazz -- The most interesting/insightful commentary I've seen is by Eric Altermann, who argues that there are just too many ways for inertia to play out.

Keif -- you're an incumbant ruler type, huh? Here's hoping.

All -- Yes, Connecticut has some pleasant bits. They are the parts that are hard to get to. New Haven, Hartford, Waterford, etc. are best avoided.

Anonymous said...

hartford actually isn't that bad. new haven, i've only been around the shubert (which is near yale). great turkish restuarant near there.

hartford, downtown, is in flux, so there is a lot of construction. but it's small and easily walkable, and has some great restaurants. plus the wadsworth atheneum, hartford stage (great regional theater), the bushnell and bushnell park (which has some beautiful oaks). it's actually quite charming and reasonably safe. the west end is charming too, plus you've got the mark twain house and harriet beecher stowe house. (disclaimer, i lived in downtown hartford for about two years, and just left)

waterford is a pit, but just cause it's a mall-centric suburb. nothing in the state is particularly difficult to get to though, and as far as scenery, it certainly tops RI. providence is nice, but the state is basically a pine scrub. and, ugh, westerly...[shudder]. beaches are nice though (have relatives in charlestown). oh, and newport too.