Thursday, September 21, 2006

Frayge6:TheOuterSanctum-Christian Apologetics?

Irony Alert: Pope Adolf Nazinger Blasts Islamofascist Retards in Fatherland
That’s One Sorry Virgin!
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Updated Wednesday, September 20, 2006, at 10:30 AM CST

In a week that’s seen everything from Allah-baiting spam to Muslim trolling, TheQuietMan proves that, yes, as a matter of fact, there is such a thing as a stupid question, especially when it’s rhetorical.

The Pope said he’s sorry. He then added that the passages he was quoting "do not in any way express my personal thought."

Do you believe him?

To be clear, I'm not asking what you thought of what he originally said. I'm asking you about his apology.

Let’s just say it’s a damn good thing there were so many not stupid answers. Okay, BrainTroopers: Clear the field and let the games begin!


dirty_rackham (formerly noclaro) grabs his light saber and goes Joe Lieberman all up in da joynt.
an uncanny resemblence

Normality, clearly obsessed with bestiality, convenes Middle East Sex Ed 101 and presumes that Islam isn’t the only thing they’re forcing on beasts of burden.
I wish they'd go back to just fucking camels and quit trying to force their religion on everyone.

So I guess in addition to falling victim to pre-9/11 thinking, now we’ve got to worry about pre-9/11 fucking, too? Rats!

Without missing a beat, rob_said_that plays a little game of "The Lady or the Tiger" of his own, with a subtle difference, of course.
1. He's a liar.
2. He's a spineless liar.

Harsh. Sounds more like "The Lady and the Tramp", chief!

Also harkening back to a much more civilized time when Muslims burnt people to death because of bad cartoons, Dayenu wonders if the writing is not on the Wailing Wall but, rather, in the marginalia.
I don't think he ought to take back his words under threat of violence, which is what is happening now, if the cartoons are any prediction.

Is it me or did Gregor_Samsa just say that TQM would make a good hypocrite?
Btw, I think you'd make a good pope.

Okay, so it’s just me.

But what’s not just me is Fritz_Gerlich’s claim on the Pope’s ultimate sincerity.
Islam, a religion of peace, is indeed full of evil, but it's not their fault. The pope is very sorry Muslims are too stupid to understand him

ratZINGer! Sorry.

rundeep notes that Islam is not exactly a religion for wimps.
What I'd like to see is some explanation from Muslims as to why the characterization of a command to spread the faith at swordpoint is wrong. If it is.

Or could it be, as Titan_Arum conjectures, that the Pope is simply doing a little "role reversal" while doing "scene studies" with the Vatican City Community Players.
Isn't that guy the CEO of the whole 'Sorry' business? Maybe he's just not accustomed to being the one asking forgiveness.

Unless you’ve been on the International Space Station dropping bolts into outer space for the last 6 months, it should come as no surprise that we here at Frayge6:TheOuterSanctum, in addition to being rabidly Zionist, are also fanatically anti-Muslim. Why? Well, for starters, it’s a stupid religion based on a scimitar-wielding pedophile with 589 wives, none of whom could cook, unless it involved Jewish babies. So if some towel-headed Mohamed freak is going to park a 747 on the Washington Mall, don’t be surprised if some of the more moderate sand negroes don’t suffer a little collateral damage when it comes to public relations.

Add the fact that most Middle Eastern countries’ human rights records are a tad on the shabby side, and one begins to wonder what the proper punishment for being punished will become.

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who love Jesus, and people who don’t.
-that one scary-assed bitch from Jesus Camp*



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