Thursday, September 21, 2006

He’s Not My Jerk

Sorry, didn’t vote for the jerk, and I’ve been talking trash about him long before Chavez and Ahmadinejad came on the international scene.

Anyway, I’ve seen multiple conservatives pointing to Chavez’s and Ahmadinejad’s comments about Bush and asking where is the outrage from the left? Why aren’t we chanting death to the oil rich despots, calling for a crusade and torching Tehrangeles and restaurants that serve guinea pig. In short, why aren’t we reacting like Muslims? It’s a lame attempt to point out how we’re better than them while justifying their siege mentality. But it’s less of a joke than they’d ever admit. Truth is, if the left decided to riot, protest and behave like screaming enraged monkeys in response to vilifications of Bush, they would find a more than willing partner in the right. Fortunately for the world, we’re not all country music fans.

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