Friday, September 22, 2006

SurvivorCI (Episode #2)

-What can I say, I was with Billy and critical of Aitutaki's decision to throw the challenge and rooting for Ozzy to get the axe all the way up until Billy confessed his love for Candice.

-Secret Immunity: Seems it's destined to fall into the hands of the smartest, strongest player, unless or until people realize the smartest strategy is to only send the weak, dumb and clueless (if you can swing it) to Exile Island.

-Manihiki barely wins immunity even though Aitutaki tried to throw the challenge (read: Manihiki is toast)...»

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bright said...

Re-posted from the Television Fray.

Throwing a challenge is always bad. It is always a shortsighted and short-term strategy move in the ultimate farsighted and long-term strategy game.

Aitu tribe, this was not smart. You're now down to 4. You don't have the options you had as a team of 5. You could've forced one team down to a mere 3 players, and you failed to do that. So you lost one of your own and you kept all of the other teams at their current strength level.


Impressions so far:

Raro tribe: All of these players are recycled from every other season of Surivior. Yawn.

Hiki tribe: Seems pretty hapless. They're all likeable enough. Yawn.

Puka tribe: I love the Cao Boi red forehead mark. I want him to make it to the merge just to see if he can physically maim everyone there.

Aitu: Weakened selves on purpose. Deserve whatever bad stuff they get from here on out.