Monday, September 18, 2006

What will Hitchens do?

It seems like we have a perfect storm for a sniveling condescending column from Chirtopher Hitchens.

On the one side we have the pope, from the Catholic Church, which Hitchens hates so much that he penned not one, but two anti-obituaries for Pope John Paul II in the week after his death while the rest of the world is praising him.

On the other side, we have the hair-trigger offended Muslim leaders, whom Hitchens also destests.

My guess is that Hitchens will write a column saying that Benedict was right, but he was the wrong person to day it, given the Church's history of anti-intellectualism (forcing Galileo to recant, etc.).

Whatever it is, I'm quite sure it won't be worth reading.

UPDATE: Well, we have our answer, (completely with the stunningly clever headline "Papal Bull;" I guess I should have known the Hitchens would take this opportunity to indulge his greater hate.

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