Sunday, October 08, 2006

some thoughts on sweet caroline

1. Where it began

a. watergate hotel.
b. laundromat.
c. camden.
d. when I broke my lava lamp on your pelvis.

2. Good times never seemed so good. Discuss.

3. In my spare time, I enjoy

a. hands.
b. touching hands.
c. reaching out.
d. touching me.
e. touching you.

4. I hurt because

a. union agitation.
b. energy crisis.
c. anti-semitism.
d. cold. very cold.
e. fallen. can't get up.

5. When I hurt, hurting

a. runs through my hair.
b. down my shoulder.
c. down my pants, baby!
d. gives me the runs.

6. I believe

a. dey comin' to america.
b. i'll have a york peppermint patty.
c. the doobies might break up.
d. sonny is doomed.
e. ditto jim croce.
f. donnie osmond lives forever, though.

7. Last inclined to believe it never would:

a. 1974.
b. 1975.
c. bicentennial.
d. Star Wars.

8. Does nobody else at this wedding know when to say…


9. ?

10. Guess not.


JohnMcG said...

Was in the spring, then spring became:

a.) the summer
b.) the fall
c.) the winter
d.) rainy

Hand, touchin'

a.) hand
b.) foot
c.) breast
d.) eyebrow

Warm, touchin;

a.) hand
b.) warm
c.) hot
d.) cold

Touchin' me, touchin;

a.) me some more
b.) hand
c.) warm
d.) you

Anonymous said...

the saddest thing of all is the lack of the red sox playing in the post season, and thus a lack of the dulcet strains of sweet caroline being belted out by buzzed bostonians during the seventh inning stretch.

i weep. weep, weep, weeeeeeeeep.

august said...

Best response to comments

a.) who'da believed you'd come along?
b.)how can i hurt when holdin' you?
c.) is there hurt worse than the hurt of a baltimore orioles fan?
d.)okay, maybe pittsburgh.
e.) i can't begin to knowin'.

Anonymous said...

i think pittsburgh is numb to the pain.

Dawn Coyote said...

1. None of the above. It began in Cherry's apartment after she fell aleep. Cad.

2. Chemically-enhanced state-dependant memory.

3. Everybody's beautiful. Love the one you're with.

4. See #2. Chemical rebound: serotonin-resistant receptor sites.

5. Depends on the degree of brain damage.

5. uhhh, what was the question?

6. Life ain't fair. At least they were spared the humilation of bad plastic surgery.

7. Where did I put my copy of The Last Waltz?

8. RIP Charles Bukowski.

9. Nothing like nostalgia for a decade I don't even remember.

10. Okay, okay - I'll take the boxed set.

Also: Fray Island post entry:
The howling begins each day at dusk, coming from the clotted shadows between the trees, and growing closer with the burgeoning dark until it is just beyond the glow of our small fire.

We never see their faces, but their eyes sometimes catch a glittering lick of flame and shine with that borrowed light. How enormous are those eyes, and how full of inhuman fever! We make a count of our number and will that it be the same come morning.

Do they feed on the ones they take? They must, we tell each other, for surely these monsterous creatures wouldn’t trouble themselves with our bitter, stringy lot if they were not ravening. In the small circles of light we mutter our prayers and crowd in by the strong ones. We see how even they shiver as the howling draws near.