Friday, August 18, 2006

6. How do I find mine and others posts?

On the right side bar, you’ll see a link/button to


On a regular basis, I will file everyone’s posts by category*, author name and, if they are part of a series of posts or a recurring theme**, by additional key words. For example, the introduction and FAQ posts are filed under “Ender”, “AboutUs” and "FAQ". Once you learn to navigate, you’ll be able to use it to generate a list of posts by author, category or theme.

*For ease and familiarity, I’m going to use Slate’s categories: Arts & Life, News & Politics, Travel & Food, Business, Sports, Technology, About Us.

**Examples of possible series/themes:

-Traffic Report [Date] would be filed under “wagtheslate” (author), “About Us” (category), “Traffic Report” (catagory).
-doodahman’s MTC’s would be filed under “doodahman” (author), “Arts & Life” (category), “MTC” (series).
-If a group decided to hold a Breakfast Table discussion it would be filed under “[author name]” (author), “News & Politics” (category), “Breakfast Table” (series).

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