Friday, August 18, 2006

Introduction to Wag the Slate

Hello. If you are a fray poster, this blog belongs to you. It is a blog specifically designed for you and your fray posts. In short, before you let another of your fray posts sink into obscurity, consider reposting it here where it will be accessible to the whole of the internet, Wag the Slate contributors, and not just the few fraysters who happen to be reading the specific fray board at the time you posted it in the fray. It takes less than 5 minutes to register, and after that, a minute or two to repost your fray posts to Wag the Slate.

How to participate: Simply email In response to that email, you’ll receive a Blogger Invites <>. Contained in that email will be a link. From the link, follow the instructions to accept the invitation (if you already have a blogger account), or to create a blogger account. The latter should take about a minute and is free. From there, you’ll have permission to create posts. When you’re ready to post, simply log into blogger.

I wrote a very long post talking about how Slate has missed the boat by failing to upgrade the fray, how they’ve failed to recognize the impact their readers can have on their long tail, and why thanks to the linkage Slate enjoys on , they are perfectly positioned to build a community that rivals, and possibly surpasses the current powerhouses. But it was too long.

Instead, I’ll just say that I enjoyed designing this blog. I enjoy thinking of ways to tap the potential I see in the fray. I enjoy the idea of getting Slate’s attention if 10, 20, 50, 100,… fraysters joined this blog and started generating so much traffic for Slate that Jacob and crew would have no choice but to sit up and take notice. I enjoy the idea of this blog becoming a hub of activity as you pass through it on your way to Slate and the fray. I’d enjoy watching as that little yellow number on the sidebar grows, and I’d enjoy posting detailed traffic reports on a regular basis and in response to spikes in traffic so you can see for yourself how many people are reading you, who is linking to you, and how much we’ve grown. It would be fun for me.

But there’s one thing I can’t do. That’s make you participate, or talk you into participating. And without you, this blog is just an idea. So I’m asking. Give it a try. Give it a month. Give it a post or two. This is the ground floor.


1. Registration, Profile and Display Name questions?
2. What can I post?
3. Post format and editorial control questions?
4. Contacting?
5. (How) Should I promote Wag the Slate?
6. How do I find mine and others posts?
7. Can I get a link to my home fray added to the sidebar?
8. How do I get my post listed on Slate’s “THE MOST blogged”?
9. Dear Fray Poster:
10. How do I know when someone has commented on my blog post?

I have other questions?

You can email me with your question at, or, the preferred method, post your question as a comment in response to this post. I’ll answer them as I get to them, and if you know the answer to someone else’s question, feel free to answer for me. I’ll also add common question/answers to the FAQ as they occur.


wagtheslate said...

Test Message Re: Email Comment Forwarding.

Here is the situation. I set up the filter to forward all emails from “”. Unfortunately, for bloggers who choose to display their email in their profile, the comment notification comes from “their email address”. This is why you didn't recieve emails notifying you of my comment as Ender, nor topazz's comments, but you will this because wagtheslate's email is not shared.

Now I can also set up a filter to only forward messages with certain words in them. The comment notifications contain "Posted by" and "to Wag the Slate at". The problem with this is, if someone replies to a comment email that’s been forwarded, it will still contain those search words, and when it is received at, the filter will send it to everyone on the forwarding list.

This is a quick explanation, so if you don’t understand, no worries. I’m just explaining what’s going on with the filters/forwarding. If you have an opinion, I’m interested. I’m leaning toward the second filter despite the concern that someone might mistakenly send a private message by replying to a forwarded comment.

Ender said...

Test comment. Sorry.

Ender said...

Issue resolved. Aparently, if you reply to this email notification, it won't go to wagtheslate, but to aka_alias.