Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are You There, Kos? Its Me, Rosalita.

Is there room on this page for a new blogger's differing style, or opinion?

An honest question, I'm hopeful for some honest responses. Hopeful I won't be immediately labeled as a "troll" - as I've seen other attempts at diversity in style squashed from the first sentence.

I just read your rules here and I'm puzzled. If I use "satire" or "humor" in my tags as a description of my diary (and before we go any further - yes! this is my first entry, didn't all of you have a first diary entry at one time? So get over it already, it is indicative of nothing)

But I digress. If I use satire and humor as part of my overall rhetoric and style, (and no need to point out this first "diary" contains neither, as I'm trying my best to follow your lead here) but if that is the usual way I choose to present "the issues" as they appear to me - am I to understand my diaries will not see the light of day?

Will this diary see the light of day?

Flushed with success you are, indeed. But have you any idea how obtuse all of you are truly beginning to appear, to the rest of us out here in the blogging world?


topazz said...

I like the comment from "Barbin MD" who demands that I "address the rest of his post," the fucker.

twiffer said...

i think i've figured these kos folks out.

they are the "very serious" types. the world is a serious place. there are serious issues that need to be discussed in a serious manner, by serious people, in a serious way. frivolity will not be tolerated. because this is serious stuff, damnit!

topazz said...

thats it, I'm through with dailykos, finis. I'm not reading them anymore, they are completely off my radar.

You can't wage any sort of debate or even have a decent discussion with someone who eliminates all of your replies. It says switters has 114 comments over there, well at least 50 of them were rebuttals/replies of mine, it took all that I could to remain unfailingly polite - but they've deleted them anyway. They're all gone.

LentenStuffe said...


I've come to the conclusion that these feckless fools completely lack any sense of context: They've become so disenfranchized, ideologically speaking, that they no longer have any defining centre; they are adrift, aimless, lost and homesick for power. Liberalism is in crisis and will try to piggyback on whatever will confer credibility, everything that is except itself, for it no longer trusts itself anymore. The DKos people are so lost they don't even trust their own judgment. They don't need any help self-destructing. How else can you explain their imperviousness to switters?

topazz said...

it is impossible to even attempt to establish any sort of credibility there, no matter how hard the effort put forth in holding back from telling them to all go and fuck themselves.

Because once they label you, they just delete all your posts! One or two sensible and thoughtful sounding posters replied to me at the tail end of today, but by that point I couldn't post anymore.

More's the pity, I could've brought a splash of glamour to the dreary place.

One thing I noticed that made me laugh out loud: they're getting a bit skittish about a "group takeover" and some even reverted to email just to discuss us - but they just can't quite pinpoint who "we" are...

I'm over and out.

Dawn Coyote said...

Those koswipes are sad sad. Going over to read them is like opening a container and finding if full of chattering enraged monkeys. All switters has to do is simply post one of his regular pieces and they proceed to bite themselves to death in protest.

I had a fleeting moment of compassion for them where I wanted to post something explaning the whole thing, "you dissed our switters, he is, on the Fray, with a star. And here's topazz with her star, and the rest of us....we come in peace, really. We're not those other evil folks who've undertaken a campaign against you. Please don't be afraid. If you think carefully, you'll see that we've done nothing to hurt you, that we were merely suggesting you open your minds and hearts a little, so that you can hear what others - on the same side as you are - have to say. We come in peace. No need to go scouring the internet for us - see - here we are, over here on the fray.

But what do you want to bet they'd come over in droves in order to attack us.

It would be funny if it weren't so damn scary.

topazz said...

I agree, (except for the part about mentioning stars - they don't factor whatsoever) but to me what is scariest about dailykos is how a small group of only 4 likeminded posters can so easily frame someone new, by having editorial rights to change tags on another person's work, then "troll rating" them, then picking and choosing among comments what stays and what gets hidden. And NO ONE counters them! That is what is most amazing, how many are turned away at the door. How many Fritz's or chango's or Zeus-boys or dawncoyote's have they lost out on.

switters found the key: you post a diary but you don't involve yourself in the comments. Because thats where they have the power. They are FUMING that switters is still allowed to post - they haven't been able to touch him, (except once when they had his whole diary removed....)

okay, I've wasted enough time on them. I need a long hot shower.

fluffy black puppies said...

it's not that no one counters them, it's just that anyone who does gets buried. and then banned.

hide the evidence....