Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wag the Slate √

Introducing The Fray’s blog.

A group of fraysters have taken it upon themselves to start a fray based blog. Slate is not interested in this reader-writes model as a possible extension of its reader forum. Specifically, Slate is not interested in whether the option to blog your fray posts: a) improves the quality of the discourse taking place in Slate’s reader forum; b) attracts and retains new readers/writers; and c) contributes appreciably to Slate’s Long Tail.

I, however, believe that if Slate introduced a “Submit Post to Blog” option, many of you wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of it. It is in this sense that I'd encourage you to join Wag the Slate. By becoming a contributor to Wag the Slate, you answer yes to the question of whether or not you want a high profile option for your fray posts.

Wag the Slate is a deceptively simple idea. You’re already reading and replying to Slate articles. Wag the Slate asks you to repost your fray post to it. That’s it. You don’t have to change your reading, writing or fraying habits one bit. All that’s required is that you add the extra step of reposting your fray posts to Wag the Slate.

Wag the Slate is an experiment, and it’s on a scale much smaller than what would result if a blogging option were to be integrated into the fray. However, the long term aim of Wag the Slate is to prove or disprove, based on actual results, that The Fray community is interested in greater exposure, and whether that high profile proves to be mutually beneficial.

To join Wag the Slate, send an email to wagtheslate@gmail.com. To learn more about Wag the Slate and how to take advantage of it, read the faq.

Bold text in this post has been edited. The original is here.

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baltimore_aureole said...

its unclear from enders post what topics, if any, will be exluded from the blog, and who controls posts that are edited or deleted.

i'm not really sure what problems are solved by simply reposting existing fray pieces in a new forum, except that self aggrandized posters (a crime to which i plead guilty, also) will be tempted to toot their own horn even more loudly.

or did i miss the point?